Lifelong Learning Network


The Lifelong Learning Network (LLN) Macedonia is a national umbrella association established in 2012 aiming to support the development of the adult education in Macedonia.

Members of the network are local and state institutions, civil society organizations, companies, experts and other entities interested in lifelong learning related issues. The network is functioning both at policy level in cooperation with Ministries and other public institutions, and also provides support to providers of adult education.

Past period, the LLN has been working on different projects related to vocational education and training, rural development, support for people with disabilities/impaired and other groups. During the implementation of the activities, the LLN provided expertise or addressed the challenges of lifelong learning. The LLN cooperates with several networks active at European level in order to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The LLN’s Vision: Macedonia, economically developed country with educated and employed people.

LLN’s Mission: Creating enabling environment and strengthened capacities for education of adults.

More information on the official website of Lifelong Learning Network

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