AzBuki was founded in 2011. as a non-profit, non-governmental organization. The mission of the organization is to develop youth policy, youth work, democratic values, culture and tradition.

The objectives are:

  • Promotion of youth, development of their potential, knowledge, skills, abilities and creativity, respect for human rights, dignity and equal opportunities for young people;
  • Promotion of understanding and tolerance between young people from different countries and cultures, intercultural dialogue and cooperation;
  • Promotion of European integration, Erasmus+ Programme etc.

AzBuki has strong cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, who funded three volunteering projects:

  • E-volunteers in 2013. Through this project young people were engaged in training to teach and support old people and children with special needs adopting the proper use of internet;
  • Ecological project in 2015. Children with disabilities and children without parental care participated in promotion of the healthy life style and importance of the environmental protection and recycling) and Want to live in Serbia in 2016.

AzBuki promotes world’s Global Bubble Parade 2016, 2017, 2018 in Nis, Serbia – a special performance for kids with a lot of soap bubbles and live music and dance.

AzBuki is developing youth media production through its projects, especially within Informative portal for youth (database of local NGOs and online news for youth and “Turn on live” a 2 month radio program for youth.

Since 2016. we are organizing festival of fairy tales called Elf kids.

AzBuki is a full member of two national youth umbrella associations KOMS – in the field of youth policy and NAPOR – in the field of youth work.

The organization has an Accreditation from National Association of Developers of Youth

Work (NAPOR). This is Accreditation for achieving standards in a field of youth work. Those standards are: youth equality and inclusion, youth involvement in decision-making, partnership with youth, cross-sectoral cooperation, voluntary youth participation, youth as a resource, and not as a problem.

Providing quality youth work AzBuki launched a series of TV shows “Turn on live” indicating to problems of vulnerable groups: LGBT population, young people with AIDS, young people with autism, young people with disabilities, etc.

Within the organization there is a debate club, where young people debate their views on various topics related to youth.

As for youth policy concern, together with local self-government, AzBuki is involved in the conduct of structural dialogue.

The organization has about 80 active members and more than 80 volunteers.

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