Asociația Babilon Travel

Asociatia Babilon Travel’s (ABT) main mission is to promote inclusion, intercultural dialog, adaptive sports as instruments of inclusion, active European citizenship among young disabled people and young people with fewer opportunities. ABT also promotes sustainable tourism, rural tourism, ecotourism, traditions and handicrafts of Romania with focus on the region of Transylvania and the city of Cluj-Napoca, developing tourist tracks suitable for disabled young people. ABT organizes sport and outdoor activities that help young disabled people to better integrate in the local, national and international community.

In its programs, ABT train youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, educators and volunteers, to be capable to involve people with disabilities in various activities, including educational, sport, indoor and outdoor activities and international mobilities. ABT also train volunteers to accompany groups of people with disabilities, especially visually impaired, along adapted tourist tracks, that we document with accessible tourist guides in Braille, large fonts and audio guides. ABT staff, which is not paid and acts on a volunteering basis, provides training, consultancy and advice to those interested in methods and tools of non-formal education, intercultural learning, various forms of inclusion, inclusive and adaptive sports used as tools for inclusion, tourism, rural tourism and conservation, traditions, crafts, healthy lifestyle and related areas.

Early 2016, due to the immigrants’ challenge in Europe, ABT started a program for social inclusion of immigrants in the local hosting communities.

ABT acts as a sending organization especially for its staff, volunteers and staff of its strategic partners, to trainings and events, on national and international level, related to non-formal education (NFE), inclusion, sport, entrepreneurship, intercultural learning, information and communication technologies (ICT) and social media platforms.

Since early 2018, ABT is accredited as sending, hosting and coordinating organization for EVS/ESC projects. The first EVS project started in 2019, in Italy, were ABT is acting as sending organization.

ABT is widely supported by its local strategic partners:

  • The High School for Visually Impaired Cluj-Napoca (LSDV);
  • The Department for Social and Medical Care Cluj-Napoca;
  • The Tourist Information Center of the City Hall (Cluj-Napoca),;
  • The National Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Romania;
  • The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania.

More information on the official website of Asociația Babilon Travel

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